The Pilot Type 20 Extra Special Silver is a tribute to the watchmaking past in a watch that embodies Zenith's past watchmaker like none. Zenith has decided to launch a new edition of its iconic Pilot Type 20 with a silver box.
By itself, the modern Zenith Pilot has always been a tribute to the iconic watch used by Louis Blériot when in 1909 he managed to cross the channel of the spot for the first time through the air.
For this nod to the past, Zenith has chosen the largest box among those currently making up the Pilot Type 20 collection; the one of 45 millimeters. The characteristic and gigantic crown of the Type 20 remains unchanged.
The bottom of the Pilot Type 20 Extra Special Silver is solid and is also made of silver. In this fund, among other aeronautical motifs, we find the name "Montre d’Aeronef Type 20" engraved. This is the original French name of this type of watches, which with the progressive mastery of the English language in practically all societies has become universally known as "Pilot"
In the sphere we also find the characteristic hands and numerical hour indexes that are part of the Zenith Type 20 genes. As for the substance, we can consider it a novelty. In it we find emulated a kind of rivets that give it a decidedly industrial character. Nor should we consider it a coincidence that this type of joining method is historically used in the fuselage and the wings of airplanes.